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elope/ ɪˈləʊp /verb

[ih-lohp-muh nt]

1. to run away secretly with a lover, especially in order to marry

2. to leave without permission or notification; escape:

3. to run away with a lover.

meet our team.

Kim Burgess

your celebrant.

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Helen Selmeczy

your photographer.

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Tahnee Briana

your photographer.

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what is an elopement • an elopement is when you choose to celebrate your sacred union in the most intimate of ways


what is the difference • a wedding involves the hosting and celebration through a party, an elopement focuses on the celebration of the marriage itself


we endeavour to • provide an easy and meaningful way for couples to runaway together and celebrate their love


things you won't need to worry about • finding and hiring a venue, furniture, arranging chairs etc.


when is an elopement • the few hours before sunset, generally on weekdays or outside of the peak wedding times

what we do • finding the perfect location, your marriage paperwork, create a beautiful, meaningful marriage ceremony, provide a photographer

finally • an elopement is two humans in love, a handful of witnesses, a celebrant, and a photographer. Perfect.




9:00am - 5:30pm 


20 Wasatch Court

Tamborine Mountain, QLD | TEL.0419 657 907