Top 10 Reasons they Eloped!

I was so happy to find the photos from Louisa and Dharma's Elopement.  I had inadvertently opened two dropbox accounts.  Didn't realise it at the time Big shout out to Dropbox for sending me an email to say I hadn't used it in forever...

Here are the top 10 reasons,  I discovered when chatting to them, why they eloped.

1.        Overwhelming

            Louisa and Dharma moved to Queensland with their two adorable kiddies.  New job,     new home.  The thought of  hosting a wedding with all the family      from Melbourne was sooo overwhelming they ditched the idea.

2.        Family

            My couple wanted simply their

3.        Costs

             Louisa and Dharma, along with their two delightful little kiddies are    starting a new chapter in their lives in Queensland.  Establishing their          careers, moving from interstate, even different wardrobes for them all.  This was Queensland not Victoria after all!  The cost had been high and             while definitely  worth move starting a new chapter didn't call for a high       price   tag.





4.        The Two of Us

            Love, the deep and personal love they share is something they wanted to      enjoy with each other and only each other.  Just being in the moment,      gazing at each other.  Laughing, smiling with no expectations.  Being private    and shy people they knew deep in their hearts a simple Elopement    Ceremony was to be the best choice for them.

5.        Let the Magic happen

            They wanted a Magical moment without all craziness. 

            No loads of people watching them as they shared their love and           commitment.  In the hearts and their minds they saw a carefree day,      arriving at their chosen spot together.  Walking to their Celebrant (me arm         in arm.  Smiling and giggling.  Being relaxed and sharing a very informal        ceremony.

6.        Surprise

            Going home for Christmas as a married couple excited and thrilled them.       Surprising their families would make a Christmas with a difference.

7.        Celebrating with family

            Both recognised the delight the family would feel when showing          photos of their special moment - their Elopement.  There would be a party,         no doubt about it.  Family and friends would gather, frocked up and ready   to celebrate a wedding.  For my loving couple, there would be no pressure        just a lot of family love and sharing without the nerve wracking staging of a             wedding.








8.        The Ceremony

            The wedding ceremony mattered the most to them.  Listening to words of    love  written just for them followed by their personal vows of love and           support, of family  - the family they created in that special moment.

"Will you keep each other as your favourite person - to laugh together, go on adventures together, support each other through life's tough moments, be proud of each other, grow old together and find a new reason to love every day?"